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May 17 2018

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Plan an Adventure Instead of a Wedding

There is nothing wrong with planning your wedding to include traditions if that is really what is desired. Booking a local hall for a reception, planning a seating arrangement, and tasting a dozen different flavors of cake may be what the couple considers fun and exciting. That is exactly what many couples picture for their wedding day. Enjoy.

That scenario makes some couples cringe. Sitting at a head table for hours, smiling all day at relatives not seen since the last wedding or funeral, and watching guests become intoxicated are not what they want to be doing on their wedding day. So, do something entirely different. Plan an adventure in an amazing location. Shorten the guest list to immediate family and special friends, or ditch the guest list altogether and go alone.

Ever Been to Iceland?

Iceland is a small island country in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the property is privately owned or part of a National Park or Reserve. It is also an extremely popular tourist destination. Many couples plan an Iceland Wedding, and many buses shuttle visitors to tourist attractions. The crowds and noise levels do not make for an enjoyable experience. Pictures are difficult to get without people in the background.

The destination is popular for excellent reasons, including fascinating landscapes, one-of-a-kind adventures, and interesting weather. The best way to experience it all is to plan an adventure wedding that will last for ten to seventeen hours. Keep in mind this type of wedding involves activities and exploring different terrains. It is not for the inactive or faint of heart. Bring guests capable of participating or choose to elope if this is the type of wedding desired.

How to Plan

The process may seem overwhelming due to the distance, but it actually easy. Browse the website before making contact to get a clear understanding of how unique the wedding will be with this planning team. The first meeting is conducted via Skype, so it is more personal than an email. Once the couple decides that the company suits their purposes, an interactive session is arranged.

Virtual tours of available locations are offered, videos of past adventure weddings are shown, and the schedule of the day's events is reviewed and approved. This process cannot be accomplished in a short time period. Most weddings or elopements are planned two years in advance for the best possible experience. Find more information and details at IcelandWeddingPlanner.com.
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